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SunKey defined as: (SunKey Dealer Insurance Agency LLC, SunKey Insurance Store Inc., SunKey Dealer Services LLC, SunKey Insurance Group LLC, and SunKey Insurance Store LLC) respects the privacy of its customers and vendors and takes its responsibilities regarding the security of information held on data subjects very seriously. Sunkey safeguards, according to strict standards of security and confidentiality, all nonpublic, personal information (personal data) our customers share with us. SunKey maintains physical and electronic safeguards, and takes all reasonable steps to protect the information. Personal data may be provided to a third party in connection with a possible sale or transfer of all or part of SunKey’s business or in order to comply with legal requirements. SunKey will not sell, disclose, rent, or disseminate personal data for direct marketing purposes. You consent to our privacy & security policy if you elect to use our sites. SunKey may update this Privacy & Security Statement from time to time.

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  1. What is personal data: Personal data is any information that allows an individual to be identified. The types of personal data SunKey may collect include the person’s name, birthday, social security number, title, credit information, company affiliation, home address, work address, work phone number, home phone number, email address, driver’s license number, accident/violation history, information about vehicle operators, lien/lease holders, vehicle information, & insurance policy data, etc.
  2. Transfer of personal data: As SunKey operates nationally; it may store personal data in any state. SunKey may also transfer it to other SunKey companies and carefully selected business partners and third party suppliers in other states where it has the consent of the data subject or where it is necessary to do so because it is relevant to SunKey’s dealings with the data subject. The laws of these other states may not be the same as the laws regulating the use and transfer of personal data in a data subject’s home state. However, because every SunKey employee around the nation is obliged to comply with SunKey’s comprehensive data protection compliance policies, including this Privacy Policy, SunKey is confident that it is able to protect the security and confidentiality of personal data and provide an adequate level of protection in each of the SunKey offices in each of the states to which personal data is transferred.
  3. Security of personal data: SunKey has in place appropriate technical and security measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful access to or accidental loss of or destruction or damage to personal data. These measures ensure an appropriate level of security in relation to the risks inherent in the processing and the nature of the personal data to be protected. Securely held personal data will only be accessible by select authorized members of staff within SunKey. Those members of staff with access to personal data are aware of their responsibility to protect the security of the data and have been given relevant training. Access to this information is controlled through data networks that use technologies such as password protection & firewalls to limit access to authorized users.
    Where SunKey discloses personal data to third parties it will ensure in its contracts with such third parties that they comply with this Privacy Policy and applicable data protection laws.
  4. Rights of a data subject to personal data held by SunKey: SunKey will only keep personal data for as long as it is required to by law, or as is relevant for the purposes for which it was collected. During this period, a data subject may contact SunKey at any time if they would like to see details of their personal data that is held, details as to the source of that personal data (as far as it is available to SunKey), the purposes for which the personal data is being used and details of the parties with whom SunKey may share the personal data. Additionally a data subject may ask SunKey to correct, update, supplement or delete personal data held on them.
  5. Complaints about or Breach of SunKey’s privacy policy: If a data subject has a compliant or believes the SunKey privacy policy has been breached, contact Stephen Lang as soon as possible. Any finding of misuse of personal data or breach shall be remedied as soon as reasonably possible.
  6. Users of the SunKey Websites: This section of the Privacy Policy applies specifically to users of the SunKey websites that are located at:,, & . The SunKey websites may contain links to other websites. This Privacy Policy does not cover such websites and SunKey does not accept any responsibility for the data privacy policies and practices or content of these websites. Visitors are encouraged to review the privacy policies posted on these (and all) third party sites. SunKey may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Users will be notified of all material changes through the SunKey website at least 30 days prior to any change being implemented. To help ensure the security of personal and financial information that is submitted through this Website, security software is used to encrypt the information during its transmission. SunKey only allows information to be submitted for transmission if the browser is compatible with our security software. If the browser is not compatible, a message indicating the transaction cannot be completed because of the security risk will appear. SunKey uses a secure server and security protocol to safeguard any information provided. The secure server implements the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to interact when personal information is provided. This technology sends the data through an encrypted tunnel via 128-bit encryption so a third party cannot read the information while in transit. All personal information stored by SunKey is housed securely.
  7. Collection and Use of Personal Data: SunKey may use your personal information to: Offer an insurance solicitation, obtain an insurance quote, provide customer service, or to purchase an insurance policy. SunKey will only share your personal information with: licensed insurance companies or entities which we have a joint marketing agreement in place with, for the purpose of obtaining a quote and/or policy. All of these companies or entities, have privacy policies in place, which can be viewed on there websites. You authorize this sharing of information, when you electronically or via telephone obtain an insurance quote from SunKey or from our website. SunKey collects personal data from its data subject’s through their use of the SunKey website. Additionally, personal data may be collected from comments and questions from visitors to the website. SunKey will only use such personal data where it is necessary to do so because it is relevant to SunKey’s dealings with a data subject or where it has his/her consent. SunKey does not require personal data from an individual to obtain access to the general public areas of its website but such data may be required for an individual to request or download product information, order products or take advantage of other features on the SunKey website. SunKey will not collect sensitive personal data about a user of the SunKey website without his express consent. SunKey will use a data subject’s personal data where it is necessary to do so for such purposes as verifying the identity of visitors to the website, processing and responding to requests, improving its operations, maintaining details of its business contacts, facilitating business transactions, and developing new business. SunKey will only use personal data in a way that is appropriate, taking into account a data subject’s consent, the extent to which it is necessary for SunKey to use personal data in its dealings with a data subject and the purposes which are disclosed to a data subject in this Privacy Policy or which are relevant to the reason for a data subject giving personal data to SunKey.
  8. Information we disclose: In addition to the disclosures reasonably necessary for the purposes identified elsewhere above, SDS, SDIA or SunKey may disclose your personal information to the extent that it is required to do so by law, in connection with any legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings, and in order to establish, exercise or defend its legal rights. Your personal information may be passed between SDS, SDIA or SunKey personnel, to process applications, provide customer service or to send a marketing offer. Your personal information may also be passed between SDS, SDIA or SunKey personal and insurance company personnel to provide customer service obtain a quote or a policy.
  9. Direct Marketing: With a data subject’s consent, SunKey will use personal data for direct marketing, including sending details of offers of both SunKey and third party products and services. If a data subject consents to SunKey (and/or any third party) providing him with direct marketing material he will be requested to elect the type of media via which this material shall be provided (for example: e-mail, telephone or fax). SunKey will only provide such material via the chosen media. If at any stage a data subject objects to SunKey’s use of his personal data for direct marketing or to the media in which such material is being sent, he may choose to unsubscribe to its receipt. If they have consented to third party direct marketing it may be necessary to unsubscribe directly with that third party. SunKey may disclose personal data to carefully selected business partners and third party suppliers with whom it engages to provide services. However, other than as set out in this Privacy Policy, SunKey will not disclose or share personal data with any third party without a data subject’s express consent unless it is necessary to do so to provide the services or products requested by a data subject when providing SunKey with personal data or unless it is required by law. SunKey does not sell, trade, rent or disseminate in any form personal information to any business for direct marketing purposes.
  10. Use of website “cookies”: SunKey may use “cookies” on its website to allow visitors to use the website without having to log in upon returning, to input information to email forms, to improve the site, to verify that visitors meet the necessary criteria to process their requests and to improve the management and security of the website. A “cookie” is information that a website puts on a visitor’s hard drive so that it can remember pieces of information about them when they next visit the website or a related website. SunKey uses cookies to record personal data about an individual who uses its website in order to facilitate their future activities. Unless otherwise notified by SunKey, SunKey will not use personal data sent in a cookie for marketing purposes and will not share this personal data with third parties. If an individual does not wish to receive cookies from SunKey’s website, he can set his browser to warn him before accepting cookies and refuse the cookie when alerted by the browser to its presence. Cookies can also be refused by turning them off in the browser. However, if cookies are not accepted by a visitor, the range of features available to the user on the SunKey website will be limited.
  11. Website Security: Some areas of SunKey’s website may require pre-qualification or registration for access and, if access is granted, may require a user name, password or other technique to control access. Registered visitors should carefully safeguard their username and password and only make it available to authorized agents. They may not sell, assign or transfer such passwords or rights of access. It is SunKey’s policy to grant access to any visitor using an authorized username and password. If data subjects become aware of any unauthorized use of a password, they should notify SunKey.